Sarah McKen is one of the few women who cast her own bronze sculpture.  She trained at the University of Saskatchewan with mentor and dear friend – Professor William Epp.  After University, Sarah attended a year residency at the Epp Foundry in Martensville to continue her foundry training.   Sarah enjoyed the challenge of creating bronze sculpture; it is an elaborate process with multiple steps to the process.  

This video was recorded in 2014.  It is a good view of the foundry when it was in operation … but I smile when I notice the gallery behind me!  The walls were freshly constructed at that point and the paint was wet. My bronze sculptures were displayed for sale, but we hadn’t realized the potential and were yet to network with other artists.   So much as happened since this time!

I am no longer casting bronze, and the foundry is not operational.  And now the Little Gallery is filled to the brim with a variety of work by many artists, and we also built three more small gallery displays since then!