Sheri Wollf

Feature Artist

Sheri Wollf is an upcyle artist.   She makes unique jewelry that encompasses broken dishes, animal skulls and other specialties into new treasures.

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At a young age, her mother taught her wheat weaving and knitting and she always enjoyed excelling in art classes. Her mother was also the person to introduce her to upcycling.  While initially embarrassed by her mother’s proclivity, it would ironically become a major factor later in life. Upcycling to those who are unaware, is the process of taking broken materials, waste and transforming them into new, usually environmentally friendly material.
Wollf drifted away from her artistic upbringing when she went to University, where she received her social degree and started a family. Her artistic side soon resurfaced after her family had moved a 1939 Bergthaler church on to their acreage. “It was kinda at the point, I had been away from art for a number of years, I completely lost touch with the side of myself, but we started working on the house and it sparked something inside of myself.  I took the sign that had been originally outside of the church and coated it with resin, hung it up in my dining room, and that was the start of the path.  I started working with resin, “This stuff is great, I can do all kinds of things with this.” Wollf started.
One of Wollf’s favourite  pieces so far, was a particular commission piece she did for a family by taking their china and turning them into necklaces for the entire family as well as placing one of the pieces into a urn of their mother who had recently passed.  “That was pretty intense making something for someone going into the afterlife. That was pretty special” Wollf said.
A source of pride is Wollf’s broken dishes mosaic project where she beamed that is “super Saskatchewan”, she has a local farmer that find’s animal skulls where she amalgamates them with broken dishes to become art pieces which goes hand in hand of her personal philosophy of rebirth and renewal.
You can find Wollf’s art here at Little Manitou Art Gallery.  For information on upcoming shows or any other additional queries look for details on her Facebook, Instagram and Esty pages.

“I like to help people see things differently. I love to take objects into something unique so we look at our world a little differently.”

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